High quality bio-dynamic food

At Mt Whitestone Farms we are passionate about growing the highest quality chemical-free produce. Our success comes from using the Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method.

deliciously sweet cauliflower

Our farm, which has been in the family since 1930, grows the most delicious brassicas – broccoli, cauliflowers and cabbages – as well as melons, pumpkins and onions. All of our produce is grown using the best ecological and sustainable methods, thanks to Demeter techniques.

Starting in the early 1990s with impossibly hard soils and poor crops, we have completely turned a non-sustainable situation around using Demeter principles – we now produce the best tasting and longest keeping fruit and vegetables from soft, friable, fertile soils!

We were losing money under conventional farming, and now have good returns under Demeter bio-dynamics (BD).

Our family, Gary and Kathy Harm with son James and daughter-in-law Ashleigh, have worked hard to build a business where we passionately believe in the natural methods we use for growing our award wining produce.

We can see a good future in farming as a career. – James and Ashleigh (the ‘next generation’)

We have developed an environment with family at its core, where we love to take responsibility for our business and will only call on outside help for work that we’re not able to complete ourselves.