About us

Aerial view of Mt Whitestone Farms

Mt Whitestone Farms is a 300-acre property located at Mt Whitestone, near Gatton, in south-east Queensland, about 100 km to the west of Brisbane.

Our family-owned and operated farm has been certified by BDRI (the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute) for use of the innovative Australian Demeter Bio-Dynamic Method of agriculture.

Family is key here at Mt Whitestone Farms.

We are a business that takes great pride in the rewards of working happily and successfully together.

Our team consists of ourselves, Gary and Kathy Harm (the dedicated owners of Mt Whitestone Farms) ably assisted by our son, James, his wife, Ashleigh, and their children.

We believe that the passionate efforts put into the farm by our family makes our produce extra special.

We also believe that our use of Demeter BD methods will further our goal of leaving the land undepleted after each cropping cycle, so that future generations can continue to enjoy a sustainable farming environment.